A report from a round trip, Bergen - Myrdal - Flåm - Bergen, by train and boat

The western part of Norway is known for it's steep mountains and deep fjords.  A lot of tourists, from all over the world, visit this area every year.

We had some visitors from Belgium, a nice couple we have known for many years.  They wanted to see some mountains and fjords, so we thought that a trip to Bergen would be nice, including this one day round trip from Bergen to Bergen.  The route is train from Bergen to Myrdal, swap train to go from Myrdal to Flåm, and finally a boat trip from Flåm to Bergen.

The presentation is split into three parts:

Leg 1, train Bergen - Myrdal
This is a part of Bergensbanen, the Oslo-Bergen railway line.

Leg 2, Myrdal - Flåm
With the famous Flåmsbana

Leg 3, Flåm - Bergen
Out Sognefjorden and south to Bergen with a high speed boat

Updated 08.04.2013