Pilatus Bahn, Switzerland, 2003

Updated 21.02.2014

In August 2003 my wife. our son and I visited some good friends in Switzerland.  We had some interesting one day trips, Including the Pilatus Bahn.
Here are some of our impressions from Pilatus.

The day came with nice weather, but a little bit of mist, so I have adjusted brightness and contrast on most of the photos, as well as reducing the size to 800 pixels width.

This is dhot from next to the bottom station.  The track is steep and the traffic density is high.

Wikipedia states that Pilatus Bahn is the steepest rack railway in the world.

The track follow the landscape nicely.

Another car followed us all the way

As we climbed, the scenery became even better

I think this is the Alpnachersee, connected to Vierwaldstättersee at Stanstad, far away in the bay

Just before entering one of the tunnels

Very high traffic density.

The Bernina shn utilises rack and cogwheels to overcome the steepness, maximum 48%

There are different types of racks.  The type to the bottom left is used by Bernina Bahn.  This photo is shot at the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Luzern.

At the top, after an interesting ride.

Amother car arrived short time later.  It seems to be a switch just behind the red car.

Pilatus Kulm, 2132 meter above sea,  a very popular place to visit, both for Swiss and foreign people.

We saw a lot of big birds in the air.  They were everywhere, but I do not know what kind of birds they where.

If you prefer other means of transportation, there are foot paths and a cable car available.

Climbing up towards the top.  It's a lot of tunnels and paths up there.  Which came first, the holes in the Swiss cheese, or the holes in Pilatus?

Looking dowb again, I was very happy that we should use the train also downwards.

It was a lot of people up there, but still very quiet.  I think that most people shows this magnificent nature a great respect.

Wen walked along some of the foot paths.  They run both outside and inside the mountain.  These stairs are inside the mountain.  exciting.

The Pilatus Kulm station, with four tracks, 2132 meters above sea level

People enjoyed the Alp horn cooncert.

My wife are not found of heights and steep hills so she stayed down there.

I do not remember if this was on it's way up or down.

Arriving soon at Pilatus kulm

Alp horn music is a natural part of the alps.  Very nice.

My wife, with sun glasses and pink T-shirt decoration.

Is this a Raven?  Maybe one of the big birds we saw in the air?

View downwards from the top station.  The railway cars are probably not very heavy, but hey still need good brakes.

We are on our way down again.

Who could imagine that it's a railway in the sttep mountain side?  Great engeneering.

Entering an avalange protection and a tunnel.

The scenery is marvelous.

The track is marvellous as well.  This would be impossible without the rack and cog wheels.

The track swithes get rather complicated due to the rack, almost like some kind of transfer tables

Lining up to enterr the bottom station

Down again at the bottom station, Alpnachstad, 440 meters above sea level,  after some nice hours with the train and at  Pilatus Kulm.

This station is connected to Brüningbahn, direction Luzern and Interlaken.

It is highly recommended to visit Switzerland and their fantastic railway network!