The layout

Updated 03.09.2011

The layout base is a wooden structure, and the tracks will be installed on narrow wooden "bridges", not on big plates.  The whole thing will be open from below.  The space under the layout will be used for storage of all kinds of things.

My plan is to make a U-shaped layout.  The final plan will follow later.

The control devices will be in a drawer

The construction
I will make it of wood, screwed together, with the main bearing structure along the edges of the layout, with "cross beams" where ever needed, and supports for the different levels.

I bought many meters of 48x48 cm beams, to make the main structure.

I had to buy myself a new saw

Some of the  17 "legs"

The main framework along the walls are made like this, in different lengths.  The only area in our house which is big enough is the living room floor.
The longest is 296 cm (along the 300 cm long wall), the shortest 74 cm (next to the desk).  The one in the photo is 115 cm, along the 120 cm wide wall next to the door.

The first test tracks almost in place, a part of the lowest level, a hidden yard with four tracks, 70 cm above the floor.

From another angle

August 1st 2011: the lowest hidden yard tracks are laid out

Two locomotives are waiting for a test drive.

The switches going in to the yard

I have not decided whether to use an external decoder or the "under track" decoders for the switches

The switches out from the yard

The switches will probably be manual.

The first accident happened during a test run

Fortunately there were no damages

Several trains run tests

The K-track is only for storage.

The rear and of a freight train entering the yard

I have also tested with a NSB El16 from Roco and a Robel Klv53 from Brawa

I will make a signal brake module for the hidden yard, operated by a k83 decoder

The green lamps will be installed a visible place.

The level 2 diagram

I have made a preliminary "U-turn" in stead of the spiral, so the test trains can go in and out of the yard.

To be continued.....