Rebuilding Märklin's Br38, initial version, to digital with Märklin conversion sets for Small Flat Collector Motor

Updated 22.03.2014

This is Märklin 00380-1. I have rebuilt Märklin 00380-1, 3099 and 34988, which basically are identical.

Märklin 00380-1

Conversion parts:

Installed at the same place as the original Delta decoder. I used the mini 60902 decoder (Märklin part number 603462), not the decoder from the 60760 set visible in the photo.  The decoder is installed in the holder 456200.
The 60760 decoder would do the job, but I needed it's better adjustability in another locomotive.

New conversion sets:
If converting today, I would have used the Märklin mLD 60962 decoder and the 60943 motor conversion set.

Decoder functions:
f0 = front light, three in forward direction, the two lower in reverse
f4 = acceleration and braking delay off

Installation of the motor from the Märklin 60903 conversion set s in itself very simple. You need to remove the screw for the left hand control rods to access the lower motor cover screw.  It is not necessary to remove the rods.  Carefully bend the rods aside to access the lower motor cover screw.

Notice the flat area above the rotor shaft, marked red in the photo. Approx. 1 mm have to be cut off to make the locomotive body fit.  I used a sharp knife.  A good file would be better, but I did not have one at the moment.

Front light:
Normally I will not make any modifications, grinding, drilling or otherwise make mechanical modifications to rare models.  But, I wanted to make a new light unit in the 38 1967, as I wanted all three lights on while driving forwards, but only the lower two when going backwards, basically to be able to see the driving direction when the locomotive is stationary just by a glance, without installing the rear lights in the tender.
I cut off the cylinder shaped parts of the light guide (213990) and put them back into the locomotive as lenses. As light I used three SMD LEDs.  The two centre pins (orange and gray) on the circuit board fits into the original bulb socket, the yellow wire is connected directly to the decoder.

This photo shows the light circuit board from both sides, and the light guide before cutting off the lenses

The light guide, Märklin part no. 213990, is used in many locomotives, like the 3000, 3003 and old type Br38.

Wiring diagram for 38 1967:

The light circuit board:

The digital settings for these two 00380 locomotives, made with Märklin Central Station 1:
Motor Decoder Speed and acc/dec setting
Original Converted
Original Converted
Functions Speed Acc Dec.
00380-1 sfcm 3* dcm 5*
Delta mini 60902
no. 603462
f0 = front light,
three on in forward direction,
two on in reverse direction
Min. 7/10
00380-2 Bell no change fx no change f0 = front light change with direction
f1 = smoke unit (not installed yet)
f4 = acc/brake delay cancel
31 13,904 10,428

Screenshot from Central Station 1:

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