Rebuilding Märklin's Br38, initial version, to digital with Märklin conversion sets for Small Flat Collector Motor

Updated 24.03.2014

This is Märklin 3099. I have rebuilt Märklin 00380-1, 3099 and 34988, which basically are identical.

Märklin 3099, DB 038 772-0
L = 23,7 cm.  This is version 3 of 8, HOBBY model 1988-2003.

This photo is from Märklin 34988, 3099 v.3 is identical except for the colour.

Märklin conversion set 60903 was used for the rebuild.  This is no longer available, so today I would have used the motor conversion kit 60943 and the mLD 60962 decoder. As the new decoders are much smaller than the c91 decoder in the 60903 set, I would install the decoder in the locomotive and kept the pick-up shoe in it's original position under the locomotive, as I did in the 00380-1 conversion.

I installed the decoder in an old 6090 decoder cover, glued to the weights in the tender, after gluing the weights to the tender.

The pick-up shoe is installed under the tender.

This conversion started long time ago, so I cannot remember where the pick-up shoe came from.

Securing the tender
The tender draw bar is secured to the locomotive with a C-clip, after replacing the draw bar post with one meant for a C-clip.  All my tender locomotives with wires running between the locomotive and the tender have got this modification, if not originally mounted.

Draw bar post (kuppelstift) Märklin part number 221150, C-clip  608020, in the spare part list for Märklin 3084.  I am not happy with the pick-up shoe installation, so I will probably move the the decoder, a smaller one (maybe mLD 60962) back to the locomotive and install the pickup-shoe at it's original position under the locomotive.


tender body 236800

The noise suppressors are installed on a small experimental printed circuit board, which is installed where the reverse unit used to be.  Also the brown ground wire and the brown/red wire for f1 are soldered to the circuit board.

3099 from below

Decoder functions:
f0 = light with directional change, three in front, two rear
f1 = interior light, driver's cabin (not installed yet)
f2 = rear light on also in forward direction
f4 = acceleration and braking delay off

Front and rear light:
Front light:

The front lamps are replaced by small grey bulb sockets (604180). I installed a 28 Volt T1 bulb to reduce the light intensity.

Rear light:
Light guides from NoHAB Di3 (Märklin part number 215230) are installed in the two lower lamps, after carefully drilling holes in the centre of the indicated lamps on the rear tender wall. A small two-pole SIL (Single In Line) socket is glued to the tender floor, holding the 28 Volt T1 bulb.

Installation of the motor itself is very simple. You need to remove the screw for the left hand control rods to access the lower motor cover screw.  It is not necessary to remove the rods.  Carefully move the rods aside to access the lower motor cover screw.
Notice the flat area above the rotor shaft, marked with red colour.  Approx. 1 mm have to be cut off to make the locomotive body fit.  I used a sharp knife. A file would be better.
Otherwise the locomotive body will interfere with the motor cover.

The motor photo is from 00380-1. Only the locomotive colour is different from the 3099.

At one point in time I got the idea to fit my 3099 with an extra tender, for long trips where coal and water supply might be limited.

 I flattened and cut the draw bar and glued a close coupler to it.  The close coupler is from e 7205 close coupler set. I also installed two buffers at the front end of the tender.

The other end

I cannot remember if I assembled the tender from spare parts or if I bought a complete one. It is for 3099 version 5, DRG 38 2545, available in the 2960 and 2961 train sets 1995-1996.  I do not remember why I have this version, maybe something my MMR dealer had in stock?
I will leave this extra tender as it is, so it may be connected to other steam locomotives as well.

Märklin 3099 with two tenders

I think I got the idea many years ago, triggered by some photos from a Märklin insider tour  with a br 41 (?)  As far as I remember, They brought two tenders due to coal supply problems along their route.