My Märklin freight cars

Updated 02.06.2014

Single cars
Single cars means that they come one by one in separate boxes with individual article numbers.
The lists is sorted by the Märklin article number.
More will be added step by step.

Car sets
re sets were two or more cars are sold as a set under one item number.

As this list becomes rather long, I have split it according to the car series (number groups)


44-series cars

45-series cars

46-series cars

47-series cars

48-series cars

Cars with higher numbers

Primex cars

The boxes:
But first something about the boxes, that goes for all the groups.
Box types for my single freight cars:
Over the years, the box types have changed.
There are even older boxes, of several kinds and colours, but not in my collection.  See this friendly link
My oldest box is from 1981.

My oldest ones

For reference I call this box1.

The newer ones

For future reference I call this box2.

The above photos also show that over the years the same item number may be two different models.

A current my world box is the newest

For future reference I call this box3.

Some of the 46- and higher series cars may have other kinds of boxes, but basically they are the same blue or white boxes.

This is a Primex box.

I have them both with and without text on the box ends.